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Hello, I am Mel and apparently I am dyslexic and dyspraxic, can someone stop the disability bus please, because I want to get off. This post invites you into the head of someone with a neuro-diverse brain. There is so much in my head that needs to go onto the paper but it just ends up in a jumbled up repetitive mess. Please don't send me writing strategies or I might just punch you, and if one more person tell…
Published in: Mental Health
I’d like to talk about shame, and what it does to a human, I am a human so I will use myself, that way I don’t risk upsetting anyone as I own the copy-write for me. I love the use of story, so I am hoping this story will help you to feel less alone if your courage is hard to find. So here goes… One day I was in school and the Headteachers PA came to find me, she said…
Published in: Mental Health
As I work with many clients off work with stress, anxiety and depression it got me thinking about how we approach and deal with sick leave. I have had my own periods of sick leave following a car accident, the physical health turned into mental health problems as the weeks rolled into months. Its not easy to manage when you end up in Pjyama land with no reason to get up and get dressed.  With long periods of isolation at…
Published in: Mental Health
If you listen real close you will hear my tearsIf you listen real close you will hear my fearsIf you listen though I make no soundI am no longer lost, I have been found    
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As I sat in the Garden earlier having a cuddle with River on my lap enjoying the sun there was a battle going on in my head. I could see laundry that needs ironing, the grass that could do with a cut and that’s just from my patio chair. If I dare to think about the business, then the should and musts come rushing through my head and I have to work hard to stay in my chair and not…

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