Are you working too hard? Many of us are and it can be routed in not feeling safe or not feeling good enough.

Often, we work on our business, on our homes, but less so on our inner worlds, to make sense of ourselves.

I like this book for anyone who is chasing happiness and coming up short…

There are 7 key lessons in Chasing Slow

1. Slowing down is not about doing less; It’s about doing more of what you love and being more aware, about who and what gets your energy.

2. We need to create space in our lives. We can use this space to reflect on how we are feeling what we want and to be creative in its many forms. Creativity can be time off from the stress, it could be cooking to photography. The are ways we can express ourselves, and stay well.

3. It’s important to connect with nature on a regular basis. It can give us time to think or just be. To let our minds wonder without the constant information over load. The earth and water they can add balance to the busy. As we notice the sun on our face, the view, the elements feed our senses and help us feel fully alive.

4. We need to learn to say no to things that don’t matter to us. In a world that keeps pushing us to do more be more, be kind. Its OK to ignore the “I am not enough” that drives us to over work and over compensate. Saying no to others, guilt free, and, yes, to ourselves may take some work on our self esteem.

5. It’s important to simplify our lives. In a world where we are judged by where you live, what you drive, it can be a challenge to define your own ideas of success. To focus on the relational, rather than material, rewards can mean we are more connected to ourselves and others. Presence not presents maybe more important.

6. We need to learn how to live more in the present moment. Too much time in the past and you can drown in grief and sorrow and depression. Too much time in the future can bring anxiety and we can make up stories, it’s always going to be like this.

7. It’s important to make time for ourselves. Many of us are taught to meet the needs of others rather than our own needs. Giving from abundance, rather than out of duty when we are exhausted, is the aim.

Chasing Slow might be a useful book if you’re prone to over working. Sometimes we don’t stop enough to ask ourselves, is this busy really working? Are we really focusing on the things that nurture us.

Living life in survival mode can stop us thriving. Paradoxically it is when we can bare to feel that we heal.

Do you have a book that’s helped? If you’re not a book lover that’s OK. I have a Ted talk for you too.

Self compassion gets us further than shaming and blaming ourselves for what we struggle with.