Counselling for the relationship you want

Rather than face problems head on, we tend to ignore them – hoping things improve. In reality, this can lead to breaking point, hurting you both – and children caught in the cross-fire.

If you want to build a better relationship, I can help. Giving you space and time to think, I’ll show you how to:

  • Find  your voice, so you can share your struggles
  • Listen and accept without judging or blaming
  • Find the courage to live your life, not settle for less
  • Change communication patters so you start making progress

Yes – it’s hard to face problems at first; hard to break habits; hard to speak up when you’ve stayed silent for so long. But it’s not impossible…

With my support, you can move on from that anxious, frustrating battleground to a calmer place. One where you can talk, sort things out, and understand each other better.

The first step

Are you married, living together, on the brink of divorce, too scared to commit or separated? If you’re in a mess – and your head’s spinning – let’s slow things down to work through your problems.

I know how terrifying picking up the phone for outside help feels; that’s why therapy with me is completely different:

  • Tears might flow at times, but expect laughter too…
  • Far from being a cold clinical, you’ll find I’m down to earth – putting you at ease straight away
  • Never taking sides means I help you manage your feelings better so neither of you feel attacked
  • By sharing experiences and professional insight, I’ll offer different suggestions to fit your situation

Couple or family therapy is not just about helping you stay together. If it’s not working out, I’ll help you separate and move forward amicably. What matters most is respecting everyone’s feelings – including kids.

When you’re ready to take that first step, either call me for a free initial chat – or book a first meet-up at a reduced cost.