A children’s counsellor … who cares

All you want is your children to be happy, safe, and handle whatever life throws at them. What if they are not? What if your child is troubled, shuts herself away in her room, or he struggles at school?

And if your child is angry, or erratic behaviour spins out of control, where do you turn? Maybe you’ve noticed these warning signs too?

  • Bedwetting
  • Nightmares
  • Self-harming
  • Tantrums

Anything could be behind it: bullying, a traumatic experience or family bereavement. Not knowing why or how to cope can lead to melt down. Instead of worrying yourself into the ground, let me help.

How can I help?

Children often carry a schoolbag full of worries and fears – big emotions they can’t make sense of or put into words. I lived this as a child… And know how overwhelming it can be.

Today, I’m an experienced therapist – trained to work with children including those with special needs. Having studied trauma and neuroscience, I can help the most troubled child from five upwards make sense of what they are going through.

There’s no blaming or telling off here. Just kindness and compassion … with hugs and tissues if needed. Once we have talked and I’ve assessed how to go from here, I use different approaches:

  • Individual or family therapy
  • Play, creative and talking therapies
  • Dog therapy with my snoozy sausage dog, River

I can’t protect your child from the uncertainties of life – nobody can. But I can help them build coping skills so they are more resilient – and give you new tools and techniques to weather the storm.

Sessions are usually in my Wolverhampton home; Skype or phone are other options. My door is open… Just ring me. Expect a human, with a heart, to answer…