Professional therapy … to help children cope

Nothing’s worse than seeing a child go through a hard time – despite everything you’ve tried. Sadly, abused, neglected or traumatised children are often vulnerable – and at risk.

If you work in an organisation such as a school, social services or youth offending team, managing kids struggling to cope can be quite a challenge.

And worrying – especially when children ‘show’ their feelings through behaviour such as:

  • Self-harming
  • Violence or aggression
  • Withdrawing into a shell

Are you concerned about a child not coping? Do you need some professional support to stop the situation getting worse? Please get in touch.

Counselling that makes the difference

When overwhelmed by an experience they just can’t handle, children need specialist counselling – with someone who is trained to address specific issues and help them cope better.

I’ve supported professionals across the Midlands and Wolverhampton for many years. As a child counsellor, I tick the boxes that matter:

  • DBS checked and BACP accredited
  • Offer creative/play therapies alongside talk
  • Can do onsite visits, outreach and home visits
  • Specialise in dog therapy to help build trust
  • Supervised by an Ofsted-registered senior accredited Supervisor

Neuroscience training also means I have added insight into how a traumatised brain works as it does, and what both you and the child can do to cope with situations in the future.

And as an accredited therapist, supervisor and trainer, I can train you and your staff how to use more therapeutic approaches in practice – helping you make a difference to the kids in your care.

More than anything, I’m a real person – not just a counsellor with letters after my name. I bring a bag full of kindness and compassion, alongside systemic strategies and, of course, a sense of humour…

To find out more, email or ring me for a chat. I’m here to help…