Online & Telephone Counselling

There may be times where support is required but you are unable to visit a counsellor. This may be due to location, social anxieties, or disability/mobility problems or child care issues.

Counselling can be delivered via telephone or alternatively via online sessions. There are three mediums for online counselling that I offer; these are telephone, live chat or Skype sessions.

Online and telephone counselling may be slightly less effective than face-to-face counselling as we miss some of the communication queues such as tone of voice or visual signs, such as smiling or crying, and it can be hard to pick up things like humour  too. There can also sometimes be miscommunication using this method – so I may need you to to ask for clarifications from time to time.

Online and telephone counselling is not suitable for all clients. Some clients may require face-to-face counselling, particularly those in extreme distress or crisis.

Counselling may bring up further emotions with some clients feeling worse before they feel better. So particular attention will be paid to where you can access face-to-face support should you require this at any point.

Some clients choose a counsellor who’s local and might start online and move to face-to-face sessions as they learn to trust the counsellor; others may be in a different location or even country so never meet their counsellor face-to-face.

If you would like online or telephone counselling, please get in touch. A clear contract will be put in place prior to any sessions taking place.

Online counselling costs the same as face-to-face services, so is not a cheaper option than face to face session. If anything, it can be more challenging than having a client in the room as we have to rely on technology which can present its own problems.

Please get in touch if you would like to try an online or telephone appointment.