Mel Riley Counselling

Hello. Are you struggling or feeling stuck right now, and need someone to talk to? It’s not weak to ask for help - it’s really brave. You don’t have to suffer in silence...

If you can find the courage to get in touch, I am Mel - here to help with whatever is troubling you. I won’t think you’re silly... I promise to:

  • Listen without judging or telling you what to do
  • Give you the time and space to sort things out
  • Help you manage any overwhelming feelings
  • Not try to change you, but help you be kinder ... to you

Problems don’t vanish overnight - there are no magic wands. But I can help you face what's difficult. We’ll work together to make sense of it - and find a way forward. 

More than anything, you deserve to be happy. So please just ring me, text or email your questions. I'll get back to you within a day...  

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Kind words mean everything...

I feel hopeful that I can change things that have made me sad & caused me problems now and also have a place to come back to if I struggle a bit along the way.