Teenage counselling

Being a teenager is a difficult time. There are many transitions as they move through, and leave, school. Their bodies are changing and their emotions are often overwhelming or confusing to them and others.

Drugs, eating disorders, self harm, bullying, exam stress, pregnancy and relationship problems are just some of the issues that teens bring into my counselling room. Teenagers may not talk to teachers or parents when they have a problem.

If you’re a parent reading this, I bet you didn’t tell adults lots of things? It doesn’t stop you worrying about them. If your teenager won’t talk to you, they may talk to a counsellor.

It takes a well trained counsellor to work successfully with teenage clients; the reason a teenager won’t talk to parents or teachers is often because they hold a position of authority. Should a teen disclose information, they may well be grounded or put into detention. They may fear being told off or being judged, or they may feel that they have let people down.

Counselling with a difference…

Working with a counsellor is very different as we hold no authority, we are neutral and not involved in their lives already. We offer a confidential space for them to work out who they are and what they want from life.

They may be engaging in risky behaviour, but the counsellor will assess risk and work appropriately with this. Helping a teenager through counselling can help them manage transitions and give them a safe place to experiment and try things out.

It is also a place for them to learn how to express themselves. This may be through words or creatively. I have plenty of experience of working with teenagers in Wolverhampton secondary schools and colleges. Just call to see how I can help.