Therapy … your way

I am passionate that therapy fits you, not that you have to fit therapy. So here, we do therapy your way – whether chatting in a comfy chair, doing creative therapy or strolling in the park with me, you decide what works best for you. Clients have even bought their dog for a walk or to a session with them.

Because no two people are the same, I do my best to make sure everyone gets a warm welcome as well as the support they need in the right way that suits them. Being trained in different modalities means I can taylor therapy to fit you.

As a counsellor, I work integratively. This means I mix my  models.’ We may talk about some of the past and how it connects to now and we might look at thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, I also use my studies in play and systemic therapy to changes the lenses that we look at your life through. We will explore your relational patterns, help you manage the emotions you are experiencing and help you understand how your brain and body works too.

If you don’t have the words don’t worry, we might explore different methods for you to express yourself.  Clients have drawn, it made it, danced it or written a poem or song about whats going on.

Counselling may not be suitable for everything, if I feel other support services may be more useful to you, I will suggest other avenues open to you. You do need be in a place where you can show up consistently and be in a fairly stable environment to enable you to do the inner work. So there maybe times where other serives might be more useful such as housing support etc.