What is Counselling

Counselling can help you to explore and manage what is happening in your life. It helps you understand yourself better and gain an awareness of why you do things or why you don’t do things.

Maybe you have some worries or concerns that you need to think through, or possibly some difficult decisions to make? Counsellors aim to help you through difficult situations to gain a better awareness of yourself and help you to find a way forward. Or if there is no way forward, it may be about helping you accept what can’t be changed.

This poem describes my counselling best:

Why Am I Here?I am here to listen, not to work miracles

I am here to help you discover what you are feeling, not to make things go away

I am here to help you identify your options, not to decide for you what you should do

I am here to discuss steps with you, not to take the steps for you

I am here to help you discover your own strengths, not to rescue you and leave you vulnerable

I am here to help you to discover that you can help yourself, not to take responsibility for you

I am here to help you to choose, not to make it unnecessary for you to make difficult choices

I am here to provide support for your change

(adapted from an anonymous poem from Texas counselling and family violence unit)

Counselling takes place in a private and confidential setting. I never share your personal business with anyone else, unless there is a recognised danger to yourself or others. At which point, appropriate support organisations may be contacted and you will be notified if this is to happen.

Counselling can be in my room, or we can walk and talk if you wish to have a less formal approach.