A clients experience of therapy

(Published with kind permission of Michael)

“Where to begin?

I suppose with my own preconceptions of anybody whose profession begins with “Psych”. The image of a 60 year old male, straight laced, two foot grey beard, black couch and dowdy, badly lit office is probably shared by many but is, fortunately, very wide of the truth.

At M J Counselling Mel is a passionate, sympathetic listener and advocate of self forgiveness.She also has the assistance of her “Pawsome Team”, Max, the GSD and River, the Miniature Dachshund; two gems whose personalities add their own magic. The environment is light and colourful with comfortable seats making it easy to feel welcomed, settled and comfortable. Not a couch in sight (unless you want it).

It took me long time to realise that I had problems and probably longer to do something about it because “I’m not the kind of person who goes to people like that, I will pull myself together”. My head and my life were a mess.

That first phone call to Mel was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done; the first visit was harder. But, that human approach kept me coming back. I am now in a far better place and my life’s path no longer heads straight into a brick wall. I am going somewhere.

To anybody reading this my hope is that you are reassured enough to make the next move, to make that phone call. Just remember – everybody deserves to be listened to.”

Kindest regards