We can’t control everything that happens to us, but you absolutely can reduce your stress significantly, by adopting new strategies..

Here’s what might help

1) Use a diary rather than hold appointments in your head
2) Write things down rather than try to remember things that need doing.
3) Leave more time between appointments, for loo breaks and delays
4) Schedule sensibley so you are not shattered, don’t over commit yourself
5) Learn to say no to stuff you don’t feel serves you.
6) Be clear with communications and expectations
7) Plan your day, so your day doesn’t run you
8) Break big tasks into little and often, so they are not overwhelming
9) Prioritise what’s urgent and what can wait so you’re not stuffing too much in your day.
10) Schedule in ‘you time’ and fit work around it.
11) Don’t treat everything as urgent. Reasonable people will wait
12) Know you are enough, so you don’t over work it, pleasing others
13) Delegate and ask for support where you can
14) Set clear boundaries to finish work.
15) Ensure you get enough rest and playtime.

Remember you are in charge of your life, so breathe and know headless chicken mode can leave you very unwell.

If stress and anxiety is ruining your life, counselling or coaching can help.