Be More Dog!

When clearing up this morning I found some photos from a photoshoot that we had a few years back when Max had his sight. There were some tears this morning as I am reminded how much I miss him.

Max taught me to be more dog!

He taught me a lot about the importance of play, acceptance and love, which are so important. He was a natural therapist, it was me who had to do the training. He also taught me there wasn’t much a long walk couldn’t fix; it helped me keep perspective.

I cherish the happy memories of him chasing his ball & favourite red frisbee, and he reminded me to lighten up & be thankful for the small things. I had plenty of time to reflect as he dragged me off to walk in our peaceful park three or four times a day.

He stopped me working too hard by bringing me his toys when he was bored and would insist I play with him. I couldn’t do anything until his playtime was over; you don’t get to argue with a determined German Shepherd! I was putty in his paws.

I could always rely on Max, he was my shadow & he taught me such a lot.

I miss my clever GSD shadow, yes Max I even miss the bin and cupboard raids.

Although I miss him I got seven and half years with him and I think its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.