For anyone stuggling

When things are not going well it’s yourself you blame.
We don’t seek support usually because of the shame

You think I should be able to do it like the others do
But guess what, inside they may be struggling too

We call ourselves weak and think we should do it alone
But getting support is smart so pick up the phone

With support we get acceptance, trust and empathy
I’ve been there and you can trust in me

Not all people disappoint and let us down
It’s your choice you can choose
But really what have you got to lose?

I am here and I will keep you safe and understand
I will listen and not judge and lend a helping hand

I know you are scared but you’re not silly or mad
There feelings they make us scared, lonely, anxious, angry or sad

If you find it hard to talk that’s ok there’s another way
We can walk and talk, to take the nerves away

No one size fits all, I make therapy fit for you
You can call for a free chat if you want to.

I have had my struggles  but now I’m well and happy
Counselling can bring about change and recovery

Best wishes