Hey Max

No long blog today just a poem…

A Message to Max…

Your fur balls are still blowing across the floor
Your lead it still hangs by the front door

There are plenty of reminders this was your home
In your toy boxes I found a half eaten bone

I know your now at Rainbow Bridge
Because there is no one waiting when I open the fridge
I am not ready to move your things no not just yet
I go to check on you because I sometimes forget

My brain will catch up and the habits they will die
But for the moment they just make me cry
I washed your bed that you don’t need anymore
Its going to Kenny as his sister sleeps on his
Sometimes when you were on the sofa
River would nick yours.

Speaking of sisters River still drinks from your dish
But she’s not interested in your toy his name was fish
Even with 6 meals you were still so thin
This battle I knew deep inside we wouldn’t win

You were awake all night and a sleep in the day
You forgot to bark and how to play
I couldn’t save you but god knows I tried
Each day I watched I was dying inside

Blind and confused you struggled to cope
I prayed you would adjust I continued to hope
You became weak your legs so unstable
I wouldn’t let it end not on a vets table

We took you home and you lay on our bed
I held you tight and stroked your head
My tears on your nose dropped one by one
You took your last breath and then you were gone

I am ok mostly but there are times that I cry
There are no answers nobody knows why
They took you too soon and I could scream with the pain
As it slowly sinks I won’t see you again.

Max you took a piece of my heart
On the day you left and we had to part.