I am dying inside

Inspired by watching #MyViolentChild TV Show, reduced to tears as I watch a family who can’t reach each other, no matter how hard they try. A child who says “I want to play with my dad”, a child who says “Id love my kid more than my family love me”.  A kid who is loved but his parents just can’t get close enough to show him. I guess the tears are because I know how that feels, to feel lonely and hurt but not able to express it in way that the adults can understand. When parents fall out over how to parent, and the child knows they are the reason for the arguments its hard to see and watch. When violence spirals out of control, its not violence or punishments thats required it is a repair to the relationships. With love and kindness its possible to reconnect, if I can help get in touch.

A poem from a child who once was once dying inside.

I punch and I kick
But I am dying inside
I scratch and I bite
But I am crying inside
I swear and shout
But my heart is heavy
I punch and hit
But I want my teddy
I throw food and fight
But I am scared at night
I am dying inside,
I know you wish I was dead
Scared of monsters under the bed
But I am crying inside
I am mean and I am bad
But I want my dad
I am dying inside
I am dying side
I scream and I want it my way
Nobody wants to play
I am dying inside dying, dying inside