It’s Time

It is with a heavy heart that I share today’s news, Max became very unwell in the night and we drove Max to the emergency vets at 5am as he had been unsettled all night long. Not ready to leave him at the vets the locum gave him a sedative to make him comfortable and we bought Max home.

We knew it had become too hard for Max and we didn’t want him to suffer, we knew the time was coming but it arrived much quicker than we had ever expected, we hoped we would have weeks but infact it was just hours. Max spent so much time in vets and hospitals we didn’t want his last moments to be on a surgery table.

Steve Max’s dedicated vet whose been with us through all the operations came to put Max to sleep this morning at 12noon. Max drifted off to his final sleep in his favourite place on mummy’s bed.

Anyone who has lost a dog will know that all dogs go to Rainbow Bridge and I was totally choked with tears and found it difficult to breath with emotion as my husband pointed out the brilliant rainbow in the sky on the way back from the vets.

I would like to think that the Rainbow was to let us know that Rainbow Bridge was ready for our special boy. Rainbows will now take on a more significant meaning as I see them brightening the sky as Max brightened our lives.

We will be having a private service for Max and he will be cremated at a Private Pet Crematorium in Warwick on Wednesday. River will be joining us to say good bye to her big brother, as hard as it is she is part of our family and its hard watching Max’s little sister who some how seemed to know he wasn’t going to wake up as she nudged him with her nose.

After lots of tears we now feel a bit numb and lost and it will be Wednesday as we say good bye to Max for the last time and leave his body behind that I will fall apart.

Max is now at peace and no longer struggling with his blindness and fits, we know we did everything we could for our boy. He will leave like any family member in his beautiful oak coffin with his flowers.

Those who have shared their homes with fur babies know they are far more than just a pet, they are family.
In time the heartache will fade and we will be able to enjoy the happy memories that Max has given us.

It’s impossible to hide the red eyes and carry on as normal so the practice will be closed for a few weeks as we start to mourn and come to terms with the loss of our much loved Max. All Mine and Max’s clients have been notified of the sad and painful news.

We will miss our family member and our Pawsome one.