Lets get the ball rolling..

Crazy ideas for Autumn.

Autumn is on its way and thoughts of winter nights fill some with dread, it used to me but I have learned to cope with them better now.

Chilly morning walks with the dogs amongst the ever-changing tree colours all make me smile these days. I no longer sulk because summer is lost. At the age of 41 I have learned to finally accept that all seasons have something to offer.

I find planning for winter is useful, not just stocking up logs for the fire, or buying jumpers but thinking about what I am going to do so that the cold winter nights don’t send me into hibernation. It’s so easy to lock the door, see nobody and just stay in but where is the fun in that? Although I have business goals, I decided I might learn to knit this winter, but that’s been shelved now.

Those who know me will know I am naturally sociable and a right old chatterbox.  I am curious too and like to know what is going on out there. I am a Twitter addict and a prolific tweeter, so it’s no surprise Twitter delivers my winter project.

First, a bit of history so you can see where I came from or, rather, where I am coming from now.  I can remember years ago I left home at 16 with a bin liner of clothes. Those winters were very hard where I couldn’t afford a pound for the electricity meter or food and I had to choose between eating or heating.

My thoughts turning to those who will struggle through the winter months to just afford to heat their homes led me to one tweet in my Twitter stream that tugged at my heart strings. The winter project is then born not carefully or considerately, not with thought and planning but with a moment of insanity an impulsive decision borne out of a desire to help.  I will live to regret it at some moments but I know deep in my heart it will be OK.

I saw a tweet from Julie who volunteers at Telford Food Bank they need money to feed families who are struggling. I was one of those and now I am not, so I feel it’s my turn to help those who are less fortunate than me.  I could make a donation but I am not one for doing things by halves. This is a challenge that I will grow from and if I dare to go there.

I am going to make it a mission to share Julie’s goal and together we are going to put on a charity ball to raise the much needed funds for Telford Food Bank.

Here at my practice we choose a charity a month. We have delivered dog biscuits to Max the dog that kept getting returned toRochdaledog rescue. We have taken carrots and apples to the Donkeys inSuttonParkwho ran out in the summer. We have helped out with the Sanktuary flip flop fund. These things were relatively easy to help with this one is enormous.

I have attended plenty of charity balls, I’ve purchased my tickets rounded up the friends and danced the night away. But organising a ball is something I have little experience of.

It doesn’t matter though because I know what we need, I also know a lot of people and I believe if you ask you do get sometimes. I have asked for support and others have offered to help. We have asked for donations for auctioning the offers have started to arrive.

It doesn’t matter that Julie and I have never done this before, it doesn’t matter if we fail although I don’t think we will because we are supported. Supported by friends family and the community that come together when the chips are down and all muck in.

If you would like to help to raise funds for Telford Food Bank we would love your help.  We need people to help on the night, selling raffle tickets, assisting the photographer, running around. We need help to sell tickets, people to buy tickets, and even if you have no time or money you can still help by just pressing the send button to RT this blog or tell your friends about the ball.

Further details will be released in time as the ball takes shape, we hope you will be there to join us at the ball and more importantly we really hope we can raise enough money to keep Telford Food Bank feeding those who need food parcels.

There is zero budget for our ball so everything will be begged, borrowed or donated.

Dig deep in your hearts and help us if you can, because I believe everybody as heart and nobody should be without food.

I will end with a quote from Kevin Costner’s movie “Field of Dreams”.

If we build it they will come.

Will you come or can you help?

Please get in touch if you can donate, help or want to attend our ball.

With best wishes

Mel Riley