When you need someone to notice and care,
Can anyone hear you? Is somebody there?

What do you do in the cold of the night?
Nobody’s there to turn your dark into light.

I’m not sure how it became this way,
All by myself day after day.

I want to go out but not on my own,
It’s times like this I feel really alone.

Seven billion human beings
Yet I feel invisible and so unseen

It’s hard to reach out to another to connect
Even if I ask, will they judge and reject?

I wonder “Is there something wrong with me?”
As people walk by they look happy and free.

Why do I feel like I am a waste of space
In this confusing world I just can’t find my place

Alone, yet there are people all around.
Through all the noise I hear just one sound,

The chatter and laughter of a life I can’t make.
What’s wrong with me for heavens sake?!

I cry my tears until they are all gone,
I am so fed up of being the sad lonely one.