Mental Health Poem by Mel

Do not mock me because you don’t understand
It would be more helpful to have a helping hand

You don’t know what goes on inside my head
And sometimes I would prefer to be dead

You may not know why I behave this way
If you can’t cope you can politely walk away

Do not mock me or call me weak
When it’s reassurance I try to seek.

I have feelings I am human too
No better or worse than you.

Speak with kindness or don’t speak at all
That way you don’t help push me off the wall

Maybe we have had to do a lot of coping
You may think its funny but we are not joking

Mental health is hard, we may want to die
We may sit and cry without knowing why

This really isn’t fun and it isn’t a game
Don’t be the judge hands out blame

With support we will shine and really glisten
All we really want is someone to listen.

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