My Story My Why

My story – my why.

I walked down the path at 16 carrying a bag of clothes and I never went back. It seems a life time ago.

,I worked hard chasing salaries and happiness at all cost. I spiralled after a relationship breakdown, loss of a family unit, alone in a small flat devoid of hope, I tried to end my life. It would be many years until I made sense of my early life and was able to name the abuse and neglect.

Over working and drinking left me burnt out, at 30 I walked out of my IT job. I became a youth worker and prison drugs worker, I started a counselling skills course, and it all started to make sense. Fast forward a few decades and a heap of shit later.

I dedicate my life to helping families struggling with anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.

From painful loss a passion was born for relationships and life.

Clients often tell me, I wouldn’t have survived this without you.

I am proud to be that someone, it took half a life time and 9 yrs of study to get here.

I bailed on a doctorate, leaving with a diagnosis of dyslexic and dyspraxic instead of Dr Mel.

But I have done more than OK.

I help clients to live happier healthier lives, and thats a pretty special purpose.

We all deserve love belonging and happiness.