Woof…Blind Panic

Its been a tough few months for me and my family

I’ve gone blind I can no longer see

My nose and ears work but not my eyes

My mum gets sad and she sometimes cries

I sometimes get frightened in the middle of the night

It can be scary when I wake without sight

I sometimes panic and cry for my mom

I can’t always find her, where has she gone?

It’s no fun with this thing that lives in my head

But I do get to sleep on the humans comfy bed

Where is River my little sister, I can’t always tell?

Its OK now because she wears a bell

We go on walks and sometimes I bump my head

But we carry on cause I am just blind and not dead

I’ve had 10 operations I have not been so well

But I am a handsome boy & you would never tell

We struggle some days but my mums always here

I know its hard I can sense their fear

We still go for walks and each week I swim

But they don’t know why I’ve got so very thin

They are feeding me up I get snacks and meat

I get tasty things to tempt me to eat

I have had the tests, they can’t find anything wrong

My eyes don’t work but my heart is strong

So back from the vets and I feel their distress

People say its probably all the stress

Its sunny today and we are off to the park

I get a bit worried when River has a bark

I am on my long lead so I won’t come to harm

I might be blind but hey I still got my charm

We are thankful for each and every day

And I got new toys to help me to play

I better go before River steals my food

Mum says shes a fat greedy sausage And I think shes a bit rude

I am Max I am a therapy dog

And today I am staring on mums blog

I am blind but you probably won’t tell anyway

We is off to the park to sniff and Play

Remember I am the handsome cool Dude

Rivers the fat one who steals my food!