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Therapy ... your way

Here, we do therapy your way - whether chatting in a comfy chair, doing creative therapy or strolling in the park with me and Sausage dog, River. No rush, we’ll go at your pace. Besides, River only has little legs!

Because no two people are the same, I do my best to make sure everyone gets a warm welcome as well as the support they need in the right way that suits them.

As a counsellor, I work integratively. This means we may discuss what's going on in the here and now; this would be 'person centred.' We may talk about some of the past and how it connects to now (this is the 'psychodynamic' bit). And we might look at thoughts, beliefs and behaviours - this would involve Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT.

Alternatively, we may decide to draw or make something if we can't find the words - this is creative therapy. When we cross different models of working during counselling this is called 'working integratively.'

Counselling may not be suitable for everything. If I feel other support services may be more useful to you, I will suggest other avenues open to you. 


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