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Outdoor therapy & Home visits


Outdoor therapy

I am passionate about therapy and I believe one size certainly does not fit all; here I offer the choice of sessions indoors or outdoors. 

On a sunny day you may not want to be stuck indoors; similarly some clients are more comfortable going for a walk and talk than sitting still in my therapy room.

The stillness of nature for some can feel very grounding and therapeutic, so finding the right setting for your therapy is as important as finding the right therapist; here you have the choice.

I have a lovely park near my practice that we can take a stroll around; this can be with or without a dog. Some of my clients have even bought their own dogs along to sessions.

Home/Outreach therapy

Therapy at home or on location e.g. a youth club or school may be possible subject to a full risk assessment to see if we can work confidentiality without interruptions. All home visits are also subject to availability and a surcharge will be applicable for additional time and travelling. Please call to discuss suitability if you would like home or outreach therapy.


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