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Parents often ask if I can help with behavioural issues and I would like to share some information with you that may help you to tune in and connect better with your child.  I am often asked “What’s the best way to deal with anger or tantrums,my answer is it depends if its an upstairs or downstairs tantrum, one is a lack of regulation and the other is a I am doing this to get what I want tantrum?” Don’t…
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Sharing a proud moment today as the post arrived; I have been awarded my Senior Accredition for Counsellor/Psychotherapists for Children and Young People. I feel so very proud I wrote the accreditation five times because I was never sure it was good enough and finally sent it off. On receiving my accreditation it always leaves me quite reflective about me and my practice and in particular my work with children and young people. I was late to therapy having had…

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